NetSuite's True Cloud Solution Removes IT Burdens from National Communications System for Runaway and Homeless Youth

"NetSuite has been extremely supportive of our 24/7 nationwide service to this very vulnerable population of homeless, runaway and at-risk youth."

—National Runaway Safeline


  • delivers modern, scalable solution to support NRS' mission
  • NetSuite ease of use reduces technical training time for NRS' 160+ call center volunteers
  • volunteers supporting NRS' unique needs with donated technical expertise
  • Replacing antiquated DOS application with NetSuite has significantly improved call center metrics and reduced hold times
  • NetSuite's extensive database enables detailed, long-term research and analysis of NRS' results
  • NRS can now update and add providers more quickly than previous system


  • Over 1.6 million youth run away from home in a year
  • Extremely large database of resources was leading to slow response times
  • Large volunteer staff, many with limited technical expertise
  • Small IT budget means NRS has little time and money for technical hurdles
  • Outdated DOS application was unfriendly and difficult to maintain


  • Customized, categorized search interface provides faster access to database of over 10,000 resources for runaway youth
  • SuiteFlow workflow capabilities support advanced call scripting
  • NetSuite's true cloud solution removes IT burdens from NRS, enabling organization to focus on core mission
  • Marketing automation capabilities bring accountability and inventory control to informational mailing campaigns
  • Extensible database supports multiple custom fields for resources and service result codes

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