NetSuite Helps Manufacturer Add Customers, Cut Production Time

"NetSuite has helped us across the board, but the customer center in particular has helped us grow by taking a lot of the labor out of custom order-handling. And our shipping automation now lets us handle larger customers—organizations that might want to ship products to 200 locations—much more easily."

—Medalcraft Mint


  • Company has added approximately 25% new customers since bringing on NetSuite
  • Automated order processing has helped company reduce sales staff by 50%
  • Marketing email blasts, impossible with old system, bring in 20-30 new customers each month
  • Assembling custom-order kits now takes just 20% of the time it took before NetSuite
  • Producing complex drop-ship manifests now takes less than 20% of the time required with the manual system


  • Company wanted to grow its customer base, make better use of its website
  • Company took custom orders by phone slowing process and limiting potential for higher-margin custom sales
  • Company had to handle complex drop-ship orders manually, slowing shipments to multiple customer locations


  • Replaced proprietary business software with NetSuite ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce
  • NetSuite partner OZ Development integrated multi-carrier shipping automation software
  • Company has used NetSuite's customer portal to build 26 customer centers and 11 product malls for customer self service
  • Scripts in customer centers and malls post orders to Medalcraft's approvals database automatically
  • NetSuite lets company prioritize shipping modes to benefit preferred customers

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