Lilla P Finds a Perfect Fit with SuiteCommerce

"In the last two years we've doubled our ecommerce in terms of revenue. NetSuite has definitely allowed us to scale our business very seamlessly while improving productivity and avoiding unnecessary costs for servers and on-premise software."

—Lilla P


  • Lilla P had quadrupled revenue since going live on NetSuite in 2007, with 2x revenue growth in the last two years as it refined its retail webstore
  • Clean lines and modern aesthetic of B2C website reflects Lilla P brand while offering robust functionality such as out of stock notifications, image zooming, one-page checkout and "click to select" to change product colors without page reload
  • Best-in-class boutique finder integrated with Google Maps enables shoppers to easily find a distributor
  • Onsite's system handles transactions and customer data at Lilla P brand store in New York City
  • Replaced inefficient standalone and an osCommerce-based website, Lilla P has improved efficiency in inventory control, order management and financials
  • Lilla P avoids the cost of additional employees required for core business processes with an alternative solution


  • Lilla P encountered problems with QuickBooks keeping up with growing volume of transactions and SKUs
  • Standalone financials, inventory and ecommerce was difficult to manage manually and lacked real-time data and visibility
  • Company needed an integrated business management solution to realize its growth potential and better appeal to fashion-savvy clientele


  • NetSuite's unique combination of unified ecommerce with , inventory and order management modules was deemed ideal for growing B2C and B2B sales over the web
  • Onsite POS system provides the ability to tie together cross-channel activities between its online and in-store customers
  • NetSuite OneWorld to prepare for overseas expansion

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