NetSuite Helps Business Incubator Manage Success of Fast-Growing Startup

"We couldn't be handling this volume of business without NetSuite. We'd need an army of extra staff, and even then it wouldn't work because of the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of spreadsheets and manual processes."

—Launch Pad, LLC


  • Two-year growth in transactions of 500% while adding only three extra staff
  • NetSuite lets Launch Pad use EDI, a requirement of large retailers
  • Tier one retail chains now ordering frequently
  • Average time-per-order cut from 10 min. to less than 2 min. by replacing faxes, emails, and redundant data entry
  • Automated inventory management eliminates risk of penalties due to shipping mistakes.


  • New-business incubator faced sudden, rapid growth for newly released product
  • Risked alienating major retail chains due to slow, unreliable IT resources
  • Needed upgrade of manual order processing, inventory mgmt., other processes


  • Replaced QuickBooks and manual processes with NetSuite OneWorld
  • OneWorld includes global ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, Services Resource Planning (SRP), and business intelligence applications
  • Accelerated implementation took just 40 days
  • Can grow portfolio of operating entities as subs while maintaining business controls and financial consolidation

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