Woodworking Machinery Maker Cuts Average Order-to-Shipment Time from 3 to 2 Days

"There's no comparison with our old system. NetSuite has helped us streamline our operations, become more profitable, and it has given us the ability to grow without any limitations."

—Catherine Helshoj, Vice President and Owner, Laguna Tools


  • Laguna now saving nearly $90,000 annually in IT costs over old system
  • Average order-to-shipment time has been cut from 3 days to 2 days
  • NetSuite delivering 100% reliability, compared to former system's average 2 to 3 outages per month
  • Laguna boosts online sales with live inventory updates that take just 30 seconds, compared to 30 minutes with the old system
  • Managers can now modify prices instantly to take advantage of sudden market opportunities.


  • Competition increasing in economic downturn
  • Fragmented IT systems added to business costs, slowed product shipments
  • Lack of visibility into lead generation reduced marketing effectiveness
  • Wanted to expand online sales — difficult with existing systems
  • Wanted to decrease use of paper and toner, environmental impact by "going green."


  • Laguna replaced multi-vendor IT systems with NetSuite ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce
  • NetSuite now serving 24 NetSuite users with customer base of 35,000 and more than 120,000 contracts
  • NetSuite Web intelligence links to customer record so Laguna can track online behavior
  • Online sales leads now entered automatically into NetSuite to eliminate manual data entry.

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