KASK America's Bold Winning Strategy Begins with NetSuite Ecommerce

"NetSuite has helped us grow by working closely with us to deliver a striking look-and-feel on our Websites, with the custom work on the back-end we need to support our processes. SuiteCommerce gives us top-notch design on a top-notch platform."

—KASK America


  • KASK America saves five administrative and warehouse staff with the SuiteCommerce solution, compared to the requirements of competing eCommerce and ERP systems
  • Because the flexible SuiteCommerce platform supports B2B and B2C customer experiences on multiple Web stores from common product data, KASK America ensures seamless product consistency while catering to different buyer priorities
  • Custom product-zoom and the structure of product information ensures shoppers can quickly sort through options and easily drill down to crucial details
  • Mobile and tablet stores give the company the ability to reach customers anytime, anywhere
  • KASK America and NetSuite collaborated to design bold color schemes and sharp layouts, which draw attention to key information on every page
  • The high-performance SuiteCommerce-powered stores positioned KASK America to capitalize on attention generated by KASK-wearing Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins


  • Helmet buyers require detailed specifications and design details for their considered purchases
  • KASK America had to support both B2B and B2C customers, and offer both on desktop and mobile platforms without sacrificing details of its complex and fast-changing product line
  • Limited IT budget, made large capital outlays for on-premise software impractical
  • KASK America needed to be ready to expand to other KASK product lines in skiing, equestrian and other outdoor sports without additional IT outlay


  • SuiteCommerce seamlessly supports KASK America's multiple business entities, providing greater entrepreneurial flexibility
  • SuiteCommerce dynamic jQuery banners provide uniquely engaging visuals for store visitors
  • Optimized eCommerce experience for all online shopping channels: desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Comprehensive product template lets KASK America enter extensive product specifications and images once and publish to all eCommerce channels simultaneously, without re-keying or having to keep track of multiple versions of the same product content on different sites

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