NetSuite Helps Ecommerce Business Grow by 30 Percent Without Adding IT Staff

"If we didn't have a single system and were having to replicate data it would be horrendous. NetSuite lets us record the status of orders for reporting to the relevant parties—even better, it does it in real-time."



  • End to-end process integration has helped Justoffbase grow by 30% without adding IT staff
  • Company has doubled its order-volume capacity without adding significantly to operating costs
  • Integration w/suppliers drives drop-ship business by giving management real-time views of product availability, pricing, delivery dates
  • Supplier integration also lets customer track orders in real time, for improved customer relationships
  • Integration with outsourced customer support has improved responsiveness to customer inquiries
  • NetSuite integration has helped the company cut order-to-cash times substantially
  • Justoffbase has been able to optimize the company website for search engine recognition, so the company doesn't require additional marketing to attract new customers
  • NetSuite serves as an Ecommerce foundation for newer business opportunities.


  • Manual sales and accounting processes wasted time, manual, redundant data entry risked accounting errors
  • Lack of real-time communication with suppliers hindered drop-ship business
  • Lack of data integration with outsourced customer support organization hindered customer service responsiveness.


  • Justoffbase replaced manual processes with NetSuite
  • Process integration now includes ordering, payments, customer sales and support, and integration with supplier systems
  • Company also used NetSuite to integrate with outsourced customer service organization.

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