NetSuite Helps Distributor Grow By Boosting Cash Flow, Cutting Order and Delivery Times

"With NetSuite, we now know exactly how much inventory we have in stock, where our money is going, what our receivables and cash flow look like, which items are selling best, and which stores are selling best—plus, our employees are happier because they can be more productive than ever before."

—Inspirasi Utama Indonesia


  • Inspirasi now growing at 20% annually, with 250 stores across Indonesia.
  • Process efficiencies have helped the company improve cash flow by cutting receivables collection cycles by more than 50%
  • Visibility into in-store inventories has helped cut overall inventory costs while reducing the risk of sell-outs
  • Order entry from remote sales team is now instantaneous, compared to 1–2 hours with the previous system; also sales reps can enter orders via laptops, iPhones or other devices
  • Better than 50% improvements in product-delivery times have helped increase customer satisfaction
  • Employees are more productive than before, and turnover has decreased because of NetSuite's efficiency and ease of use


  • Inspirasi couldn't take advantage of international growth opportunities because of limited business software and manual processes
  • Customer deliveries were taking as long as 5 days, and new-order entry from remote sales reps took as much as 2 hours per order
  • Lack of visibility into in-store inventories caused the company to stock more units than necessary and still couldn't prevent occasional sell-outs


  • Inspirasi chose NetSuite over Quicken, QuickBooks, and MYOB
  • NetSuite partner Cloud Solution helped with the company's fast, 2-month implementation
  • The company started with accounting and ERP modules, followed by integration with in-store point-of-sale systems
  • NetSuite's role-based, customizable dashboard gives management real-time information on company performance, critical for a fast-growing business

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