NetSuite OneWorld Helps IT Services Company Grow Sales by 100%

"Using OneWorld stopped duplication of effort and improved financial accuracy by eliminating the errors inherent with manual processing. We now save a third of our time just through the reduction in administration between sales and finance. Both departments can see information at a click of a button and be confident that the data is up-to-date and accurate 24/7."

—Innovise PLC


  • Company sales have increased by 100% since bringing in NetSuite
  • Company is saving 33% of administrative time needed with previous systems
  • Better visibility into customer data has helped Innovise strengthen customer relationships.


  • Multiple business units couldn't share sales and other data, hindering company growth
  • Manual invoicing was slow, error-prone
  • Inability to track sales leads prevented company from focusing marketing efforts.


  • Chose NetSuite over because of NetSuite's end-to-end application integration
  • Began by consolidating software division on NetSuite CRM, then added accounting / upgraded to NetSuite OneWorld
  • 60 users across UK; 100 employee users in California access NetSuite easily via browsers and dashboards.

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