InfrastructureWORKS Hits the Ground Running with NetSuite and OpenAir

"When we started this new company, we did not want to have to do an extensive buildout of back-office staff and processes. The combination of NetSuite and OpenAir gives us complete, paperless enterprise management and allows us to stay lean."



  • infrastructureWORKS saving 1.5 back-office FTEs due to superior process automation through NetSuite and OpenAir
  • Key operations such as quote-to-billing now take mere minutes, cutting hours or days out of customer lifecycle transactions
  • Rapid, zero-overhead cloud computing deployment enabled infrastructureWORKS to be live on its new enterprise systems when the company launched
  • Streamlined prospect-to-customer processes enable infrastructureWORKS to begin billable work sooner, boosting performance and customer satisfaction
  • Unified solution creates greater visibility into the success of lead-generating activities, enabling infrastructureWORKS to properly account for the strength of its channel-building and marketing investments
  • Responsiveness to customers and partners greatly improved due to single point of access for all relevant corporate data, improving turnaround time for quotes, orders, and accounts payable/receivable activity.


  • Corporate spinoff needed enterprise-grade systems, but wanted to avoid large outlay on systems and support staff
  • Previous parent company used disparate systems for accounting, CRM, and customer support
  • Disconnected systems meant re-keying data between multiple systems, slowing processes and severely limiting visibility
  • Under previous management, company had limited insight into complete customer profitability, as non-billable time such as pre-sales efforts were masked
  • Multiple systems (including QuickBooks and SugarCRM) provided limited visibility into success of marketing efforts.


  • With four years of experience using OpenAir at the previous parent company, infrastructureWORKS' principals wanted to keep the power and familiarity of OpenAir's time and billing management
  • NetSuite Professional Services helped infrastructureWORKS streamline processes previously hampered by the quirks of disconnected enterprise software
  • NetSuite provided more flexible and powerful accounting and reporting, delivering greater insight into key financials both on an enterprise-wide and customer-by-customer basis
  • infrastructureWORKS now has 360-degree view of all customer activity, increasing customer transparency and clarifying service activities and future opportunities
  • Complex, performance-based compensation model now better supported thanks to superior reporting through NetSuite and streamlined access to data from OpenAir
  • Dashboards providing corporate principals with crucial and instantaneous role-based data, replacing over a dozen QuickBooks reports that were laborious to generate.

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