NetSuite Helps Financial Services Startup Grow its Sales Force by 400%

"Without NetSuite, we wouldn't have been able to deliver our business model. With NetSuite, we get the efficiency of end-to-end integration, full transparency of real time information, and all the flexibility we'll ever need to stay on our growth path."

—Imagine FS


  • NetSuite has helped Imagine FS automate its commission processes, simplifying and reducing monthly preparation time from 1 day to 5 minutes
  • Imagine FS report increased satisfaction as partners and internal sales staff are paid accurately and on time
  • Company has been able to grow its sales staff by 200% in the first year, with a further 200% anticipated in the next year
  • Training in administrative processes has been reduced from a day's intensive training to less than an hour's instruction


  • Fast-growing company needed to attract and retain highly qualified sales staff with fast, accurate commission payments
  • Manual data entry slowed administrative processes, while the need for manual enquiries wasted time for sales staff
  • Imagine FS needed a secure, reliable software system to handle complex financial scenarios, yet one that was easy to use for non-financial staff


  • Because NetSuite is able to integrate all parts of the business, Imagine FS chose NetSuite and NetSuite partner, First Hosted Limited, over Sage 200
  • Self-service NetSuite portals save time, allow better use of internal resource and improve relationships between third-party sales partners and their customers
  • Role-based dashboards let company directors plan and control rapid growth by creating custom roles for newly defined staff positions

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