NetSuite Helps iCONN Become International Success While Saving $100,000 Plus 25% Greater Functionality Over SAP BusinessOne

"I'd used SAP BusinessOne in a previous company, and knew that, for this company, we would have had to triple the staff, spend more capital, and we still wouldn't have the functionality and ease of use we're getting now. NetSuite puts you in the driver's seat, so you're not spending time figuring out the software."

—Turker Hidirlar, COO, iCONN Inc.


  • Saving $100,000 yearly, plus 25% greater functionality, over SAP BusinessOne
  • Company has grown 120% without adding staff
  • Saving $30,000 to $50,000 yearly it would have spent on VPN connections
  • Instant access to international suppliers, difficult and costly with SAP BusinessOne, helps monitor change orders, other critical processes in real-time
  • Customer/partner portals provide greater integration between strategic suppliers and international customers to minimize costs.


  • Self-funded design / engineered manufacturing solution provider startup wanted to exploit opportunities for international growth
  • Needed full-range IT services, including ERP and multi-language accounting, but on limited budget
  • Needed remote access for employees in the U.S., China, and Turkey; international customers and manufacturing partners.


  • Chose NetSuite over SAP BusinessOne to get more functionality at lower cost
  • Implemented ERP, CRM, customer and partner portals in less time than expected
  • Executive dashboards give managers real-time visibility into complex supply chains, sales pipelines.

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