Hard Dollar Corporation Cut Administrative Costs By 20 Percent With the NetSuite Solution

"NetSuite breaks things down within the quote, item level, and transactional level. Charts, graphs and trending are all built into NetSuite—everything from opportunity growth, key indicators, and key metric trends—I can see everything. We couldn't get that level of detail from Salesforce.com."

"From an accounting perspective, it is so refreshing to see all the detail in the reports from NetSuite—the transactional searches are extremely detailed and rich."

—Hard Dollar

Hard Dollar is a leading provider of project cost management software to construction, utility, engineering, and industrial firms.


  • Cost savings led to positive ROI in just 12 months, with ongoing 20 percent lower administrative costs
  • Improved marketing ROI through NetSuite sales resource analysis, highlighting most productive lead sources and sales activity
  • Greater visibility and control over sales process, improving average deal size and better aligning sales efforts to high-value customers
  • Proposal generation times slashed over 80 percent
  • NetSuite enabling Hard Dollar to seamlessly manage new channel sales program with unified quotation and pricing system
  • NetSuite analytics and dashboards providing both fine-grained and at-a-glance visibility into all corporate activity
  • Reduced one administrative FTE by automating contract generation and client renewal processes
  • NetSuite supporting 278 percent year-over-year profit growth


  • International expansion and new channel sales program put greater strains on Hard Dollar's access and command over data
  • Limited sales funnel visibility due to multiple enterprise systems which lacked tight integration
  • Disparate systems limited Hard Dollar's understanding of customers, creating support delays
  • No visibility into marketing effectiveness and return on investment for leads and advertising activity
  • Expanding sales footprint creating new taxation challenges which incumbent solution could not address


  • Implemented NetSuite for CRM, SFA, marketing, financials, and channel management
  • NetSuite providing complete sales funnel visibility, from lead generation and opportunity management through forecasting and win analysis
  • OpenAir solution providing detailed project management capabilities, with full integration to NetSuite financials and customer records
  • Deeper opportunity management improving sales cycle efficiency
  • NetSuite manages and automatically updates sales tax tables for all territories
  • Detailed reporting and trending available, as all data consolidated in the NetSuite solution

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