NetSuite OpenAir Helps Software Integrator Boost Performance, Efficiency of Global Operations

"NetSuite OpenAir is our foundation for global standardization! OpenAir is used through-out the entire project life cycle, to billing delivered services. The easy self-customization allowed us to configure the tool to our methodology, while at the same time providing globally consistent, standardized processes across twenty countries, helping us keep control, maximize efficiency, and confidence in our reporting numbers."



  • Automated timesheet notifications and approval process workflows have helped GXS improve cash flow by changing from monthly to weekly billing
  • Resource planning jumped from 3 weeks to 26 weeks in advance, providing better predictability, efficiencies, employee satisfaction, and a single source of truth
  • NetSuite OpenAir has made invoicing easy and, with their true multi-currency support, has allowed us to have one global services billing system.
  • Reports that used to take a week or more are now available instantly
  • Administration of NetSuite OpenAir is minimal. Just one support person for a thousand users saves GXS the cost of 1+ full-time IT people
  • Automated change-request interface workflows are saving GXS' delivery managers 200+ hours a month over handling request manually


  • Lack of global standardized processes made it difficult for a large B2B integration vendor to keep up with growth
  • A history of mergers and acquisitions added complexity to time and project management which slowed invoicing
  • Inaccurate and incomplete information combined with outdated project management tools produced inaccurate reports, disrupting resource planning initiatives
  • Revenue leakage from irregular non-supportable processes, and different currencies


  • GXS integrated NetSuite OpenAir with Oracle Financials, Oracle HR, and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • A centralized resource management capability and skills database is available to managers for resource planning
  • Ease of customization lets GXS respond quickly to new mergers, acquisitions, or other events

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