GameWear Cuts Waste and Streamlines Order Management with NetSuite

"Using the NetSuite Ecommerce platform in itself is boosting sales, and gives us the opportunity to scale up our business-to-consumer operations."



  • GameWear reclaiming seven hours per week on stockout research
  • With NetSuite, GameWear automatically imports and processes orders on continuous cycle, improving shipment times and customer satisfaction
  • Raw materials ordering delays as long as nine weeks eliminated with superior NetSuite inventory management
  • Royalty and commission reporting cut from four hours to four minutes with NetSuite analysis
  • Accounts receivable paid on average three weeks faster with NetSuite solution


  • Bulk of business is in B2B sales with 5,000 retailers, creating account management challenges
  • Poor integration between QuickBooks and PVG Commerce led to duplicated effort and flawed order management
  • Orders batch-processed only once per 24 hours, leading to unnecessary shipment delays
  • Lack of visibility led to costly trans-Pacific research for minor order exceptions and stockouts, impairing margins
  • Comparable on-premise systems with comprehensive inventory, ERP, CRM and Ecommerce capabilities looked too expensive
  • Trans-Pacific raw materials tracking was extremely difficult and labor-intensive


  • GameWear managing 3,500 unique items through NetSuite inventory solution
  • NetSuite meets GameWear's complex requirements at an affordable price
  • NetSuite automation simplifies formerly labor-intensive purchase order generation
  • NetSuite integrates invoices and email, speeding accounts receivable processes
  • Integrated customer records make all customer contacts visible from single interface, improving relationship clarity

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