NetSuite Helps Custom Rigging Company Compete and Diversify in Tight Economy

"NetSuite has helped us be more competitive, more agile, and plan our future with more precision — and flexibility, than we ever thought possible. It gave us the tools to provide better customer service, and it gives our departments on every level the information they need to analyze performance."

—Katrina Ralston, President, Feeney, Inc.


  • NetSuite analytics help management make pricing adjustments based on accurate competitive analysis
  • Feeney can set prices for thousands of SKUs in a day, compared to a week or more without NetSuite
  • NetSuite CRM's "win-loss" opportunity feature helps management closely track pricing impact on sales
  • NetSuite reporting capabilities help managers track sales and order pipelines and manage inventory.


  • Margins on wire-rope, cabling, and related building materials were shrinking as economy tightened
  • Feeney needed accurate competitive analysis to determine pricing changes in the face of tough competition
  • Needed to improve business performance by increasing operational efficiency
  • Wanted to create new business models to stay ahead of competition.


  • Brought NetSuite into parent company to replace MBA, QuickBooks systems
  • Automated ordering, inventory, picking, purchasing, and billing processes
  • Subsequently added marketing, customer service, and Ecommerce applications
  • Every employee — 50 in all — has a NetSuite dashboard
  • Rolled out NetSuite to three subsidiaries
  • Now turning on NetSuite Customer Support Center to facilitate move into sales to retailer market.

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