International Distributor Grows 50% Year-on-Year Thanks to Cloud-Based Software Suite

"We are completely dependent on our NetSuite OneWorld system. We've evaluated the competition and came to the conclusion that NetSuite is leagues ahead in terms of functionality, ease of use and price."

—Lars Fasten, CEO, Fasten


  • NetSuite has helped enable a 50% year-on-year company growth
  • Successful management of international currencies and time zones
  • Accurate account of operations, including sales coordination, supplier control, consolidated accounting and reporting, quality control, delivery and payment.


  • New company required easy-to-install IT system with worldwide access and corporate transparency to support the company's fast growth
  • Needed to replace inefficient manual data entry into Word and Excel
  • Managing network operating in 25+ countries, multiple currencies and languages, with subsidiary relationships and rapid deployment timeframes
  • Lack of expertise to maintain and update website.


  • Replaced outdated on-premise Microsoft applications with NetSuite OneWorld
  • Manages all local subsidiaries, supporting multiple currencies and languages 
  • Customisable, role-based dashboards maintain real-time management data across different time zones
  • Anytime, anywhere access to the system via the internet and the NetSuite iPhone application
  • Successful creation and hosting of new company website.

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