EXACTA Dental Runs Its Growing Business with a Smile on NetSuite

"It wasn't a luxury, it was a necessity—we needed to upgrade our business system. NetSuite allows us to keep finance, sales, inventory, shipping and customer information all under one roof. NetSuite has helped us to run a better business with less overhead and less stress."

—EXACTA Dental


  • B2B supplier of professional dentistry products has streamlined business processes and reduced costs across the board with NetSuite's single, integrated cloud solution
  • Company saving thousands of dollars in shipping costs and speeding delivery though NetSuite integration with UPS/FedEx and use of Oz Development partner solution
  • EXACTA cut postage costs by 30% by moving to electronic statements and minimizing use of paper-based billing and receipts
  • Up to a 35% reduction in credit card transaction fees by supplying card companies with more detailed information that could not be captured in previous system. Credit card fees saved exceeded $23,000 in the first year
  • NetSuite CRM/SFA supplies sales personnel with a consolidated record of customer orders, contacts and history, improving sales effectiveness and customer satisfaction
  • NetSuite CRM integration with Fonality VoIP call center system supports representatives with complete customer record for superior service and cross-sell opportunities
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform supports a B2B customer portal for online ordering, history, payments and more that’s helping build the cost-efficient ecommerce channel
  • EXACTA has streamlined sales tax compliance as it expands across more U.S. states, executing hundreds of transactions a day
  • Company has grown net income 15% in the year after its March 2012 launch of NetSuite
  • Rich customizability enables EXACTA to tailor NetSuite to business needs and scale for growth
  • Anytime, anywhere web access enables orders and data access from trade shows, and work from home or while traveling


  • EXACTA Dental faced a costly, time-consuming upgrade to an on-premise Microsoft Dynamics NAV application that lacked the flexibility and features the company wanted
  • Siloed systems required manual data work while limiting visibility into business metrics and introducing process delays
  • Company paid additional credit card transaction fees because previous system could not produce details card processors wanted for greater security


  • Eleven years of data on customers, transactions and activities transferred to NetSuite with no downtime or major issues
  • NetSuite Gold Support valuable to bounce ideas off experts for best practices or decide how to implement additional features
  • Global payments solution from NetSuite partner Merchant e-Solutions supplies PCI-compliant credit card processing
  • OzLINK shipping solution from NetSuite partner Oz Development and NetSuite pre-integration with FedEx and UPS selected for faster, more economical shipping

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