NetSuite Helps Education Systems Distributor Save $100,000 Yearly While Maintaining High Growth

"NetSuite has given us an out-of-the-box product that lets us aggregate all data on a single platform, which gives us the flexibility to customize it pretty much any way—and just as much—as we want."



  • EnvisionWare is now saving more than $100,000 yearly over the old system for maintenance and administrative costs
  • Company has reduced the time for processing estimates and orders by 75%, adding more capacity for growth in order volumes
  • NetSuite is helping EnvisionWare save $10,000 yearly by eliminating development costs necessary with the old systems
  • EnvisionWare has improved customer relationships by reducing former multi-step software-download process to just a single step
  • Self-serve customer-partner portal allows online credit-card payments, has accounted for a 40% reduction in customer-reseller administration.


  • Company was trying to grow a complex business selling specialized hardware and software to libraries and colleges, but had trouble keeping up with orders
  • Spreadsheets, manual calculations for pricing and commissions slowed responses to price changes, risked inaccuracies of calculations
  • Non-integrated fragmented software and spreadsheets, limited report visibility, made it difficult for management to assess business performance
  • Company was wasting time and money through manual, redundant data entry and reporting.


  • EnvisionWare began with initial desire for marketing campaign software; following a NetSuite demo, the company then decided on a total changeover of existing software and spreadsheet processes to NetSuite OneWorld
  • NetSuite is currently running ERP and CRM, with applications such as accounting, logistics, issue management, product roadmap, configuration guides, R&D budgeting, and supporting a growing list of 25 custom scripts and records
  • Company is using NetSuite customer center both for libraries and reseller-partners
  • NetSuite advanced inventory is now able to track end-of-life status for customer hardware and trigger corresponding new-sales opportunities.

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