NetSuite Helps Retail/Wholesale Distributor Double Revenues While Cutting Costs

"With NetSuite we've got a platform that lets us expand any way we want, whether online or by opening new stores. The beauty is that our franchises will benefit from all the customizations we've already done—it's as simple as calling NetSuite and asking them to clone a new franchise application from our production account."



  • EcoBox has doubled revenues to $3,000,000 without adding administrative staff
  • Website sales have grown from $20,000 to $1,000,000 yearly
  • Company saved approximately $100,000 over the cost of on-premise software
  • Integrated accounting and retail processes have cut point-of-sale transaction times by 30%
  • Expedited shipping has reduced per-order shipping time by 50%
  • Real-time customer analytics helping EcoBox achieve an average 20% conversion rate for online marketing
  • Bringing a new store online takes only a few minutes with NetSuite rather than a week with previous software


  • Company wanted to expand by growing their online business and by adding retail stores, but needed to minimize costs
  • Thousands of product skus with complex metadata tagging challenged company to make the rapid pricing changes essential to profits in a commodity business


  • Replaced Peachtree and ACT with NetSuite
  • EcoBox initially integrated applications for two stores, a warehouse, and the website
  • Subsequently added two more stores; others are planned
  • NetSuite partner, ERP Guru, integrated Google Maps for planning local shipping routes
  • Company has doubled its inventory to add customer choices, and, via a customer portal, simplified customer order tracking and payments for wholesale customers
  • Multi-channel transparency lets customers order products online, then pick up at retail store
  • Vendor price tracking now lets EcoBox leverage quantity discounts
  • NetSuite iPhone application simplifies remote access for managers

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