NetSuite OpenAir Helps Marketing Agency Grow 300% By Streamlining, Integrating Professional Services

"NetSuite OpenAir's ability to integrate with our GL and CRM tools was a huge draw for us. We no longer have to spend time and effort on double entry of data in multiple systems."

—Duo Consulting


  • Since bringing in NetSuite OpenAir, the company's client workload has grown approximately 300%
  • NetSuite OpenAir, now integrated with general ledger and CRM systems, has eliminated redundant data entry, saving the costs of administrative overhead, as well as those earmarked for IT and maintenance
  • Order-to-invoice integration has helped Duo boost productivity by streamlining and standardizing all business processes
  • With reliable, centralized historical information, the company is able to generate highly accurate revenue and cost forecasts several months in advance
  • The company is also saving time that was necessary for correcting errors in invoices and reports
  • NetSuite OpenAir's cloud architecture has simplified access by remote employees by supporting browsers of desktops and handheld devices


  • Lack of process integration, manual data entry errors, slowdowns, and redundancies prevented the company from expanding its business
  • Lack of integration with GL and CRM caused redundant data entry, slowing productivity
  • Existing PSA software was limited and unreliable, which reduced the accuracy of invoices and reports
  • Project managers, working with spreadsheets, had difficulty keeping processes consistent among themselves and making accurate forecasts


  • Duo replaced an unreliable, "buggy" PSA system for time-tracking and project management
  • NetSuite OpenAir's ability to integrate with QuickBooks and was a major selection criterion
  • Constant updates by NetSuite OpenAir keep the software fresh and up-to-date, and don't require maintenance overhead from Duo

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