NetSuite OpenAir Helps Media Services Firm Optimize Performance by Automating Project Processes

"Our previous system had a reporting engine but it did not provide us with the caliber of visibility that we now have. Our managers are excited about the information they are able to extract from the system."

—Digital Technology International


  • Fully integrated project management processes, unified international operations help DTI streamline consulting projects and optimize business performance
  • Precise, integrated time- and expense-tracking help DTI calculate project accounting and cost metrics quickly and easily
  • Accurate tracking of project costing, time spent on projects, and hourly billing helps keep customer informed on progress and performance of jobs
  • Integration efficiencies and an electronic approval process have helped the company reduce project coordinators from 3 down to 2
  • Forward-looking forecasts help identify and correct problems more effectively—and successfully—than before
  • Employee satisfaction and involvement have greatly improved, and the total number of users has increased from 15 to 350 with NetSuite OpenAir


  • Business performance suffered due to services-automation software limitations
  • Accurate project costing was difficult because time and expense-tracking processes were not integrated by existing project-management software
  • Detailed project agendas used by DTI for their consulting jobs were not always accessible to remote employees because they were stored in a non-integrated database
  • The company's international operations were not coordinated with headquarters because of the lack of process integration


  • DTI brought in NetSuite OpenAir to integrate and track time, expenses, employee and project information
  • Detailed project agendas are now integrated and accessible to all employees
  • Online submissions, automated alerts help streamline expense tracking

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