NetSuite Helps Manufacturer Grow 350% in 6 Years Without Adding Staff

"NeSuite has helped us become more efficient, more responsive to customers, and more profitable. And it's made us more self-aware—everything is visible now, and that's the only way to succeed when the market is growing so fast"

—Digital Check


  • Company grew 350% in 6 years without adding staff
  • Saving $300,000 annually in maintenance costs vs. server-based IT systems
  • Improved customer service without adding staff, saving $150,000 annually
  • Improved case management reduced customer-call escalations by 62%
  • Reduced open inventory by 54% as a result of integrated inventory tracking
  • Integrated shipping-FedEx module saves 30 hours/week of staff time
  • Improved from two-day order-processing to same-day shipping.


  • Fast-growing market challenged ability to handle substantial new business
  • Multi-location business model strained near-obsolete, server-based IT systems
  • Spreadsheets and fragmented systems unable to effectively handle order processing, inventory-tracking, customer case management
  • Needed to improve service and support for top customer-resellers.


  • Replaced hodge-podge of applications with NetSuite ERP and Ecommerce
  • Eliminated need to maintain dedicated VPN connections to remote users
  • Created Ecommerce site to sell inkjet cartridges, other scanner accessories directly, helping reduce costs to end-user customers
  • NetSuite dashboards give sales, service, and other personnel real-time, end-to-end visibility into their important KPIs.

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