Leading Network Neutral Interconnection and Colocation Provider Streamlines Business with Netsuite, Enabling Improved Customer Support and Boosting Competitive Differentiation.

"NetSuite's SuiteCloud solution, from CRM to ERP and the custom developed Network Inventory Management system, affords us a single version of the truth and a 360 degree view of our entire business. Our customers are the direct beneficiary of this integration in the form of more flexible offerings, faster installation timelines, transparency to critical data and quicker responses to questions and troubleshooting."



  • Company saved more than $200,000 by using NetSuite to build a custom network inventory management system in just 5 months.
  • Ability to provide more accurate and granular information and faster response times for customer support based on integrated workflow.
  • Ability to provide faster troubleshooting due to unified data source.
  • Significant competitive differentiator through a major customization project: A network inventory management system that can track "as build" Power chain and Cross Connect path details of Cologix's customer services.
  • Since moving to NetSuite, Cologix has grown their customer base 5x without having to add any IT staff.
  • Customer Service Management support has been centralized leveraging the Case Management functionality and response to complex technical issues now takes just minutes, reducing operating expenses and improving customer experience.
  • Cologix customer support has full transparency into customer accounts and services allowing real-time troubleshooting and timely communication with customers.
  • In the Montreal market, NetSuite's Localization capabilities allow Cologix to conduct business with customers, vendors, and financial institutions in French Canadian, as well as perform all internal business operation via a French user interface.


  • Multiple stand-alone legacy software systems, amassed through acquisitions, couldn't support the growing colocation services provider.
  • Cologix needed a robust customization platform in order to rebuild a proprietary network inventory management system.
  • The company also wanted a fast rollout of integrated software to respond to accelerating business.


  • Cologix chose NetSuite because of its cloud architecture, and because it offered solutions to every aspect of the company's detailed business model.
  • Fast, five-month rollout helped Cologix replace legacy Operations and Accounting systems quickly.
  • NetSuite OneWorld currently supports Cologix's subsidiaries in North America, and offers localization capabilities for future international growth.
  • The company used 16 custom Records, 26 scripts, 37 workflows, 39 custom tables, and over 100 custom fields to build its operating model in NetSuite.

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