The Chefs Toolbox Saves Hundreds of Thousands on IT and Accounting Costs With NetSuite

"We quickly realized just how deep NetSuite's functionality is, and how much we would benefit from the cloud-based delivery. NetSuite is powerful enough for us to enhance, refine, and grow with it."

—The Chefs Toolbox


  • Saving over $100,000 in server hardware, plus ongoing IT headcount
  • Cut accountant billable hours in half due to NetSuite analytics and reporting
  • NetSuite OneWorld seamlessly supports consolidated international analytics and reporting
  • Majority of customizations now managed and implemented in-house, saving on consulting fees.


  • Migration from startup software to Microsoft Dynamics GP failed after 12 months of significant investment
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP provided virtually no usable reporting data
  • Solving GP problems would require over $100,000 in hardware, plus additional IT headcount
  • International business model required support for totally different sales models
  • Chefs Toolbox sells through in-home parties in Australia and New Zealand, but retail distribution channels in US.


  • Chose NetSuite OneWorld over SAP BusinessOne
  • NetSuite integrates with vertical-specific, in-home sales support software
  • Both in-home and retail distribution sales models effortlessly supported
  • NetSuite's extensive reporting delivers clear view of international inventory levels
  • NetSuite rollout complete in just six weeks.

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