NetSuite Helps Specialized Equipment Provider Maintain Sales While Reducing Operating Expenses by 30%

"We process huge volumes of information, everything from our 15,000 SKUs to our complex sales order pipelines, to rebate and trial programs, and to our vehicles and other capital assets. NetSuite gives us a central place to manage and access all this information, so we can keep our hands on the business at all times, and not worry about losing track of anything."

—CB Engineering


  • Reduced operating expenses by 30%
  • Sales report frequency improved from 1 report per quarter to automatic monthly and self-service on-demand reports as needed
  • Workflow handling cut typical sales training time from 2 years to 3 months
  • Time to process in-stock order dropped from 30 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Time to compile 100-line custom-order proposal dropped from 3 hrs. to 30 min.
  • Ability to manage and report on very-large data volumes strengthened CB's relationships with customers as well as suppliers.


  • Increasingly competitive North American market for specialized processes automation, instrumentation, and other equipment
  • Needed highly trained staff for selling and servicing highly complex products that can cost as much as $250,000
  • Wanted to win trust and confidence of manufacturer-partners
  • Combination of fragmented accounting applications and spreadsheet-based sales-order systems couldn't supply timely information on status of custom orders.


  • Replaced existing IT applications and spreadsheets with NetSuite ERP and CRM
  • Automates sales-order, purchase-order, inventory-management, and shipping processes
  • Dashboards give real-time tracking of often-complex proposals, complete sales activities, and manufacturer updates for in-process custom products
  • Ability to work remotely helps recruit and maintain skilled technicians for sales and support.

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