NetSuite Helps Consumer Robotics Startup Save $150K Yearly and Manage Global High Tech Manufacturing

"We started with five seats of NetSuite, and a year later we have 25 seats. And the best part is that we pay as we go, and the future is unlimited, both for ourselves and for NetSuite."

—Bossa Nova Robotics


  • Bossa Nova Robotics is saving about $150,000 yearly over the cost of a comparable on-premise system
  • Company has grown five-fold in past year without adding any IT staff
  • Management has attracted new investment by demonstrating professional financial and production processes
  • Integrated production planning, inventory threshold alerts help the company minimize inventory through accurate timing of stock replenishment PO
  • Yearly production planning, which involves US and Chinese subsidiaries, takes just 10 hours, compared to at least 100 hours with the previous combination of limited business software and spreadsheets


  • Innovative manufacturing startup required substantial funding to build global production network
  • To earn investors' trust, needed to put auditable financial controls in place as quickly as possible
  • Financials had to support two subsidiaries and sales to more than a dozen countries
  • Company needed to automate purchasing and production planning, yet keep costs low


  • Bossa Nova Robotics chose NetSuite OneWorld partly because of its multi-subsidiary, multi-currency capabilities
  • ERP go-live took just seven weeks from contract signing
  • NetSuite partner Accresendo helped the company cleanse the QuickBooks data during the transition
  • Integration with Cybersource allows for full ecommerce store front solution and payment processing
  • The company first installed ERP, followed by light manufacturing, inventory, Bill of Materials, and Ecommerce

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