NetSuite OneWorld Helps Online Employment Firm Boost Global Business Performance

"NetSuite gives us the real-time information we need, when we need it – and no matter whether we're on the road or in the office. And NetSuite is flexible enough for us to adapt it at any time to suite our needs."



  • Bayt's network of offices now has immediate access to integrated ERP information and business processes
  • With NetSuite OneWorld, financial reports are now delivered in half the time of the old system, and financial audit trails help managers and auditors quickly identify any reporting anomalies
  • NetSuite OneWorld's multi-currency, multi-subsidiary capabilities support Bayt's strategy to simplify business management by treating remote offices as local subsidiaries
  • Dashboard-based business intelligence helps managers analyze business performance to make more informed decisions
  • NetSuite's cloud architecture simplifies remote access for Bayt employees and eliminates the cost and effort of installing and maintaining servers and in-house software


  • Limited business software couldn't handle the reporting and billing complexities of multi-national online employment company
  • The software made it difficult for managers to implement revenue recognition processes for subscriptions
  • Financial reports were slow and inaccurate, and audit trails were difficult to track


  • NetSuite partner Navigant Solutions helped Bayt with phased implementation and training
  • NetSuite is able to integrate with Bayt's internally developed CRM system
  • The company will add NetSuite modules, such as Revenue Recognition, as needs appear
  • Bayt gets automatic updates of NetSuite's cloud software, so the company doesn't have to worry about keeping up with the latest version

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