NetSuite OpenAir Helps Software Provider Grow 25% with Services Resource Planning (SRP)

"The greatest benefit of OpenAir SRP is visibility. Without it, we cannot make educated decisions or consistently deliver on projects. With it, we can see which projects are most profitable, and can share ongoing project information with our customers."



  • Aravo has grown 25% since bringing in NetSuite OpenAir, and eliminated the need for one full-time administrator
  • Integrated, automated billing processes have helped the company reduce its month-end closing cycle by 85%, to just 5 days
  • NetSuite reporting functions and real-time dashboards have helped Aravo improve customer relations by giving customers real-time visibility into project status
  • The company is now able to measure and predict per-project profitability, which has helped improve resource utilization


  • Software solutions provider couldn't track profitability of professional consulting services because of a disconnect between the accounting and services teams
  • Service billings often lagged 20-30 days behind schedule, and Aravo had no way of analyzing which projects were the most profitable
  • Because of the complexities of services contracts, the company feared that its ability to grow might be stunted in the future
  • Lack of services-accounting integration also meant the company couldn't keep customers up-to-date on project costs


  • Aravo integrated NetSuite OpenAir with its QuickBooks accounting software
  • By integrating and automating its services billing and invoicing processes, the company now has a platform for services resource planning (SRP)

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