Antech Saves 75% On IT Costs and Grows Home Delivery Business 250% With NetSuite

"NetSuite has a best-in-class system with controls that are tested and proven in the real world. A patchwork system doesn't give you that, and creates a lot of potential for mistakes. On the integrated ERP system NetSuite provides, all of our accounting controls are built-in."

—Antech Inc.


  • NetSuite's full enterprise functionality is one-fourth cost of other options
  • Faster delivery and more consistent customer experience due to superior inventory controls
  • Home delivery business has grown 250% since switching to NetSuite
  • Rich customer demographic data collected in NetSuite led to profitable spinoff of consumer intelligence business.


  • Hairball of multiple applications created errors, delays, and inventory inaccuracies
  • Lack of consistent process controls and scalability prevented growth of home delivery business
  • Disparate systems meant no real-time visibility
  • Staffing costs mounted as inefficiencies required additional headcount.


  • Chose NetSuite over SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • NetSuite delivering financials, CRM, and inventory in one integrated system
  • NetSuite providing industry-proven controls and practice standards
  • Can customize internally, eliminating need for expensive consultants
  • Flexibility allows for easy adding of users as business grows.

(Antech Inc. is a pediatric nutrition specialist best known for Dr. Edwards Sterilized Drinking Water.)

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