NetSuite Helps IT Services Company Boost Yearly Growth Estimates by 33%

"NetSuite has helped us in a number of ways, but best of all it helps us look and act like a high-end professional services company and that helps us win and retain customers."

—Adjacent Solutions


  • Improved accuracy in tracking consultants' billable time immediately increased monthly revenue by $17,000
  • With greater efficiency and accuracy in time reporting, Adjacent Solutions has increased its projected yearly growth estimates by 33%
  • Overall, automation of formerly manual tasks has reduced administrative overhead by more than 20%
  • The company can now invoice on a weekly basic; previously, all invoices lagged 30 days behind and were billed monthly
  • Also, the billing process now takes just one hour, compared to 16 hours previously
  • More precise resource utilization has helped Adjacent Solutions increase profit margin and reduce client costs
  • Management is now able to calculate profitability by project, which was impossible before


  • The company wasted time, risked billing accuracy, and lost money because of the need to manually rekey consultants' time data from spreadsheets into QuickBooks
  • Company admen's spent 4 to 6 hours per timesheet, each month to enter data
  • Adjacent Solutions knew it was losing revenues for consultant time that wasn't billed accurately, but couldn't correct the problem


  • NetSuite Partner The Vested Group performed implementation, data conversion, training and support for Adjacent, as well as ongoing guidance for future projects
  • Ease of NetSuite use has motivated company to accelerate plans to ramp up product-IP development projects for key customers
  • NetSuite's ease of use simplified and encouraged time-entry for consultants, who had been frustrated by difficulties with the spreadsheet-based templates
  • Adjacent uses Web services to enforce SLA commitments with clients and to support critical operational processes.
  • Dashboard KPIs now let management calculate profitability by project, by consultant, and by group, using real-time data

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