Electronics Distributor Consolidates 14 European Sales Operations with NetSuite OneWorld

"We have 25,000 customers across Europe, and customers often are working with various parts of our business, so it was critical that our project teams could see each others' transactions. With NetSuite we all work on one system, and that means we can work together as a single team."



  • All 14 operations have a single view of sales and customer information
  • Overall sales team efficiency has increased significantly
  • Automated processing of Website speeds integration with sales pipeline.


  • Fragmented sales software couldn't keep up with business growth in Europe
  • ACAL sales teams couldn't access customer information held in databases of other ACAL operations
  • Manual lead processing, lack of pipeline visibility hindered sales performance.


  • Chose NetSuite OneWorld over Salesforce.com and Sage
  • First consolidated ACAL's 4 UK operations, then consolidated subsidiaries in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, and Holland
  • Used NetSuite Web services to integrate with ACAL's JD Edwards business software.

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