Product Development: Senior Infrastructure Engineer (San Mateo, CA)

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Founded in 1998 by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and NetSuite CTO and Chairman Evan Goldberg, NetSuite (NYSE: N) is used by more than 10,000 companies and subsidiaries to run mission-critical operations without the high capital costs and inefficiency of antiquated client/server systems. Named by Gartner as the world's fastest-growing financial management vendor and winner of a prestigious 2011 CODiE award for Best Financial Management Solution, NetSuite is where business is going.

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NetSuite is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to focus on the extensibility, performance, and scalability of NetSuite's chosen J2EE platform, Oracle WebLogic Server. This developer will proactively eliminate problems with the system to avoid emergencies in the future. Projects include building infrastructure for phasing releases of new NetSuite code, creating divisions of labor among various machines to achieve performance/reliability/scalability goals, improving performance of the NetSuite applications, building monitoring tools, and executing other projects that meet the goals of the team. This developer will be a self-professed low-level coder who by nature feels pain when the system performs poorly, is an extremely careful coder, and has excellent de-bugging skills.

This developer is a different breed. They are low-level developers. They love being in the guts of the system. They don't care so much about the end user/customer’s feature set, but much more about performance, uptime, and reliability. When the production application/website is hurting, they hurt in their bones.

If you cannot discuss Application Server configuration parameters, Application server extension code, Apache configuration and custom modules, diagnose and resolve JVM issues, and understand every interaction between all parts of a 3-tiered application, then you are not suited for this job.


  • B.S. in computer engineering or equivalent
  • 10 years product engineering experience
  • 5 Years minimum experience with Java; prefer 7+ years
  • Extensive experience with J2EE Application Server configuration, monitoring, and extensions
  • 5 years minimum experience with deploying Large Production J2EE applications; prefer 7+ years
  • 5 years minimum experience with diagnosing and tuning Java Virtual machines; prefer 7+ years
  • 5 years minimum experience with Apache configuration and custom modules
  • 5 years minimum experience with Linux; prefer 7+ years
  • 5 years minimum experience with scripting languages (BASH and Python)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Highly intelligent
  • Very detail oriented (all developers should have this quality, but this job requires extra attention to detail)


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