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May 15–16, San Jose Convention Center

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SuiteTalk: Integrate Your Applications

Course Objective

This 5-day course provides integration specialists and developers the knowledge to execute web service operations against NetSuite data. Students work with the NetSuite WSDL, analyse SOAP messages, and execute web service operations using either Java or C#. Students using other object-oriented languages are welcome to attend this course as the web services API is identical. Students incorporate best practices in the development of their web service applications.

This course is right for you if you...

  • Need to integrate NetSuite with external applications
  • Are working with (or intending to work with) .Net, Java, or other object-oriented languages

Key Tasks Taught: How do I...

  • Start with the NetSuite WSDL and end up with a functioning web service application?
  • Implement NetSuite web services in C#, Java, or other object-oriented programming language?
  • Utilise the correct set of best practices when developing web service applications that integrate with NetSuite?
  • Import data from my ecommerce web site or other application into NetSuite, in an automated way?
  • Export data from NetSuite to report on it or load it into another application, in an automated way?
  • Get or set custom fields and custom records through web services?
  • Deploy my web service application to other environments?
  • Configure security for my web service?
  • Execute through web services my business logic that may have already been created through SuiteScripts?

Duration: 5 days
Price: $4,000 USD

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CPE credits

CPE credits are available for NetSuite courses. Check out our CPE list for details.