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The Supply Chain Implications of E-Commerce Integration

Australians have spent up big on online shopping in the past five years, with online spending increasing at a compound annual rate of 20–30 percent. This report explores market trends, examples and tactical initiatives to help you decide on an ecommerce strategy that suits your business. Learn how to successfully integrate online channels with physical supply chains based on three key strategic drivers centred on customer, flexibility and visibility.

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Mobility: The New Opportunity for Australia's Retailers

Mobile technologies are rapidly driving transformation throughout the retail industry. This survey report of Australia's retailers by Frost & Sullivan explores how consumers are using smartphones as a key part of the shopping process, both online and in-store, and how Australia's retailers are adapting to this trend. The report reveals the key barriers retailers are facing in implementing a mobility strategy and provides five best practices tips to support the new generation of omni-channel shoppers.

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Creating the Seamless Omni-channel Experience

Almost 40 per cent of Australian retailers surveyed rate omni-channel strategies as their top priority to grow sales. However, many retailers have yet to adopt omni-channel strategies.

Frost & Sullivan share five strategies to embrace the new paradigm of omni-channel retailing—involving giving customers the choice of whichever channel that they want to use to transact and communicate, from websites, physical stores, social media sites to mobile devices. Learn how cloud-based integrated software can enable retailers and manufacturing businesses the ability to provide a seamless omni-channel experience for the new generation of omni-channel shoppers.

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Making the Web the Centrepiece of a Retail Organisation

With online retail sales in Australia to soar nearly 40% to $25 billion by 2015, according to Frost & Sullivan, now's the time to embrace the web to transform your retail business. But how? Download this white paper by Frost & Sullivan to learn how web commerce is enabling leading retailers to address challenges in brick & mortar stores, while building loyalty among Australian shoppers as they do more business online, improving sales across all channels. Get insights from a new study of over 219 Australian retailers by Frost & Sullivan and the Australian Retailers Association (ARA).

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Single Commerce Platform White Paper

In order to satisfy today's omnichannel shoppers and deliver a uniform and good customer experience, retailers need to align brand, product offering, and marketing messages across all channels. Download this new white paper and discover tips on how to achieve omnichannel success. Also learn about the benefits of building toward a single commerce platform for omnichannel retailing.

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The Merged Channel Nirvana: Avoiding the Missteps

Shop anywhere, pay anywhere, receive merchandise anywhere—that's the merged channel nirvana that customers now expect. How can retailers adapt to the new omni-channel reality to deliver a seamless experience across all touchpoints while operating their business efficiently?

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Frost & Sullivan: Australian Retailers e-Commerce Readiness

Business conditions for retail in Australia remain challenging. According to Frost & Sullivan, retail sales growth has slowed to 2.5% per year; online growth on the other hand is now at 13% CAGR (compound annual growth rate). One third of Australian retailers don't have a website, yet Australians spent $6 billion on overseas websites in 2011 alone, sourcing greater product variety at more affordable prices.

Many Australian retailers that haven't adapted their business model to expand into ecommerce haven't been able to survive global pressures.

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NetSuite Ecommerce — To Suite or Not to Suite

In this analyst report from Cindy Jutras of Mint Jutras, learn how NetSuite SuiteCommerce, the recently announced Commerce as a Service (CaaS) platform, can drive innovation and growth across all customer touch points. SuiteCommerce combines an eCommerce platform with a customer experience management system that is unified across customer touch points. Unlike bolt-on eCommerce systems, the integration with back office fulfillment, billing and support services is seamless and transparent, because all are built and designed as an integrated suite. This report also features a case study on the Girls Scouts of the USA.

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