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The Supply Chain Implications of E-Commerce Integration

Australians have spent up big on online shopping in the past five years, with online spending increasing at a compound annual rate of 20–30 percent. This report explores market trends, examples and tactical initiatives to help you decide on an ecommerce strategy that suits your business. Learn how to successfully integrate online channels with physical supply chains based on three key strategic drivers centred on customer, flexibility and visibility.

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The Growing Importance of the Web for Australian Manufacturing & Wholesale Businesses

Australian manufacturing and wholesale distribution sectors are lagging behind in ecommerce adoption, with only 10 percent of companies currently able to receive orders directly over the Internet. This white paper examines the opportunities the web presents to manufacturers and wholesalers to build closer relationships with the end customer. Learn how embracing cloud computing technology can help overcome strategic and operational challenges with a web presence, and enable businesses to remain relevant, competitive and grow profitably.

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Conquering the Inventory Dilemma

In this analyst whitepaper by Chainlink research, get insight into key strategies for running leaner, more efficient inventory operations. This report features secrets for success from IPICO, a global high tech manufacturing and distribution company, and Upper Playground, a progressive retailer for urban lifestyles.

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NetSuite Ecommerce: to Suite or Not to Suite

In this analyst white paper by Cindy Jutras, a 35-year veteran in the manufacturing industry and widely-recognized expert in analyzing the impact of enterprise applications on business performance, discover how the NetSuite commerce system is evolving into an integrated commerce platform, called Commerce as a Service, that can drive innovation and growth across multiple channels and devices.

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Is it time to Purchase ERP

In this analyst whitepaper by Cindy Jutras, find out when is the right time to consider ERP replacement and why switching ERP systems shouldn't be thought of as brain surgery.

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How Cloud ERP can Reduce Supply Chain Risks

The development of lean manufacturing and complex global supply chains have left businesses in Asia Pacific increasingly exposed to disruptions. 65% of all organisations believe that if they had accessed IT applications via the cloud, the impact of these disruptions would have been lower. This whitepaper addresses the cost saving benefits and reduced risk of moving to a cloud based ERP solution for global supply chain organisations. According to Frost & Sullivan, 52% of all organisations have achieved cost savings by moving to the cloud.

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ERP for the SMB

What makes an enterprise solution—ERP—different from other technology offerings? Today there are so many software categories that users can often be confused about what they need to buy. This is especially true for small and emerging businesses that are on a growth curve and are struggling with many IT decisions. Your ERP choice should be made according to your core business strength: Look for the best-in-class capability for the most critical element of your business. In this report we will align these core needs to the capabilities of the ERP solution provider.

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NetSuite for Manufacturing: EBook

The NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is the only integrated SaaS business suite for manufacturing—perfect for forward-looking companies keeping an eye on costs while fulfilling their vision for growth.

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Manufacturing Industry Research: NetSuite sponsored market analysis

NetSuite sponsored a research project to survey fast-growing and mid-market manufacturing organizations to identify top business priorities, key goals, definition of success, and overall optimism towards 2011, the results are captured and reported in this informative benchmark study.

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Nucleus Research: Independent Evaluation of NetSuite Manufacturing Customers

When Nucleus analysts investigated the use of NetSuite by manufacturers, they found these companies were able to accelerate their quote-to-cash cycle and improve visibility, inventory management, and productivity. Analysts also found that automation eliminated costly order fulfillment tasks. Manufacturers that deployed NetSuite drove greater efficiencies while reducing IT costs.

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CITO Research: The Million Dollar [Manufacturing] Misperception

This white paper from industry research firm CITO Research's Dan Woods focuses on the forces that are compelling manufacturers to change their approach to information technology (IT) and especially business-critical manufacturing software. The paper helps readers understand how the Software as a Service (SaaS) offering provides comprehensive solutions for manufacturers and why SaaS is making major inroads, delivering tangible value to mid-sized and fast-growing manufacturing businesses.

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Nucleus Research: RedBuilt's ROI and Payback study

In this independent ROI study by Nucleus Research you can learn how RedBuilt, a manufacturing company, switched to NetSuite's cloud computing solution and not only avoided SAP's fees but saved $678,398 a year. Plus, the company realized a 158% return on investment (ROI) within six months. In this case study, you'll learn how RedBuilt: reduced data-entry headcount from three administrators to none, reduced the time required to build and maintain reports by 50%, and improved the overall productivity of employees using built-in reports and dashboards. The case study includes a detailed financial analysis of RedBuilt's NetSuite deployment, and describes strategies the manufacturer used when making its selection of NetSuite.

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