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Forrester Predictions 2016: Prepare for Disruption in APAC

2016 will prove to be a pivotal year for companies adapting to digitally-savvy, empowered customers. Disruption will come in many forms and business leaders will need to prepare for these disruptions to turn them into competitive advantage. In this webinar, Tim Sheedy, Forrester Principal Analyst will discuss 2016 predictions and highlight what businesses need to do to prepare for, or respond to these disruptions.

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The Upside of Disruption: Leveraging Cloud for Businesses and Career Transformation

A recent round table discussion gathered some of Australia's leading CIO and CFO professionals to explore how their businesses are responding to disruption in order to remain competitive and relevant.

Download this white paper which addresses the challenges, opportunities and the impact on the role of the CIO/CFO and turning them into 'Chief Innovation Officers'.

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Why Fast-Growing Companies Leave Quickbooks and Adopt Cloud Financials to Accelerate Growth

Download this new white paper to learn about the five definitive signs that your business has hit the limits of QuickBooks and the top business benefits of upgrading to cloud business management software.

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Disrupt, Collapse, Transform: Cloud's Role in Industry Transformation

The average lifespan of a company has reduced from 61 years in 1958 to 18 years today, and is forecast to decline to 10 years by 2018. For smaller companies, more than half of today's businesses will not be around in five years.

Read this Frost & Sullivan survey report of 1,500 senior executives across a range of industries in seven countries (Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, the UK and the US) to understand what's driving rapid industry transformation—from digitalisation, globalisation to cloud computing. Learn how cloud computing has emerged not just as a cause of change but increasingly as a necessary response providing the flexibility and adaptability that's key to survival.

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Business-Critical Processes on the Cloud—What's Stopping You?

Why are companies still hesitant to harness the cloud for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, analytics and other business-critical processes? NetSuite asked CFO Innovation to invite a select group of CFOs, finance directors, controllers and other senior finance executives to a roundtable discussion in Singapore in October 2013 to share their experiences and concerns about putting mission-critical business processes in the cloud, including security, integration with other software and cost.

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Global, Industry, And Technology Forces Shape the ERP Landscape

Companies of all sizes are changing faster than ever before. They're expanding operations into new geographies and markets, growing by acquisition, and even rethinking their core business. They need their ERP software to keep pace, not hinder their progress.

Download this Forrester Research white paper to learn what's driving the ERP shift towards cloud/SaaS-based solutions and how your organisation can prepare for the coming ERP change. Explore how cloud ERP solutions offer the required flexibility, agility and scalability to support global business growth, enable industry-specific functionality and offer the mobility demanded by users.

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Cloud Creates Path to Profitability for Australian Businesses

Software allows businesses to automate processes and manage sales, but if the software is inflexible, or expensive to maintain, the organisation's overall profitability is put at risk. NetSuite commissioned independent IT research firm Telsyte to explore how through cloud applications, businesses have been able to control costs and increase revenues. Their findings report that 55% of businesses increase their speed of company growth with the transition to the cloud. Download this white paper to find out what over 200 Australian business decision makers say about their business performance following their adoption of cloud software.

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5 Signs Your Business Has Reached The Limits of MYOB

MYOB was the best fit for your business when you first started using it, but is it the right choice to drive the next stage of your company's growth? At what point do the costs to the business of maintaining MYOB—and the other systems it requires to function—outweigh the benefits of keeping it in place? When is the right time to make the move?

Find out the five reasons growing companies should switch from MYOB and how integrated web-based business software can fuel the next stage of your business growth.

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