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Services Resource Planning

NetSuite Services Resource Planning software (SRP) is Australia's #1 end-to-end resource management software solution for professional services organisations. NetSuite SRP streamlines the complete services lifecycle from marketing to project management, service delivery, billing and revenue management, while improving the quality of customer interactions, reducing service delivery costs and increasing efficiency.

NetSuite SRP is flexible and robust enough to support services organisations of all sizes. Growing services businesses benefit from an affordable, all-in-one solution from NetSuite, while mid-size companies and enterprises can leverage the power of proven professional services automation (PSA) technology from NetSuite OpenAir which integrates seamlessly either with NetSuite or their existing back-office systems.


  • Maximise resource utilisation by effectively allocating staffing resources, managing projects more efficiently and capturing billable project time and expenses
  • Unlock margins and boost productivity by automating business processes such as billing and invoicing, whilst lowering administrative costs
  • Improve the services team's productivity by equipping them with a 360° degree view of customers, projects and key metrics, with the ability to submit project information and expenses, from anywhere, anytime with web and mobile support
  • Gain real-time visibility into your business performance with quantifiable, actionable insights into critical services business metrics
  • Increase project completion record and enhance client satisfaction with powerful collaboration that ensures everyone is on the same page with the latest and accurate project information
  • Integrate with existing business processes and systems, or implement a complete, front-to-back system on a single cloud platform.

Key Features

  • Streamlined Management for Growing Services Teams

    • Increase internal efficiency and enhance client service by managing and tracking all project-related data in one system
    • Accelerate billing and time and expense management with complete self service and easy web-based access and approvals from anywhere
    • Improve internal efficiency as well as client service by managing and monitoring all project-related data in one system, and easily track each jobs in real time
    • Give each stakeholder complete visibility across sales, service delivery and support, empowering them with better insights to make more effective decisions
  • Advanced Management for Mid-Size and Global Services Businesses

    • Integrate NetSuite OpenAir professional services automation (PSA) with NetSuite's accounting/ERP, financials and CRM, or combine it with your existing systems
    • Increase billable hours and reduce bench time, and ensure effective project and engagement management with NetSuite OpenAir's advanced resource management and project accounting
    • Eliminate errors with support for advanced billing and invoicing requirements through powerful rules-based automation
    • Empower managers and executives with complete visibility into critical project and financial metrics with services revenue, utilisation, project and profitability reporting
    • Use NetSuite OneWorld SRP to give your global services business end-to-end real-time visibility from the corporate level down to subsidiaries, all the way through to the individual project level.
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