NetSuite Referral Partner Program

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NetSuite brings an integrated approach to our solutions for private equity groups and their portfolios. We understand that in current times you want faster, more accurate and timely data to make real time decisions and not wait days or weeks to get it.

NetSuite’s Global Private Equity Services Group enables PEGs and their portfolio firms to make better and quicker decisions in a fiercely competitive market. Our unified, fully integrated system combines Financial Accounting/ERP, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Professional Services Automation (PSA), and Ecommerce into a powerful cloud-based solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Industry Focus Across Transactions
    With NetSuite's Industry focused solutions, value is created across the different type of transactions—platform, add-ons, and carve outs.
  • Operational Effectiveness
    End-to-end (proactive) analysis of current systems to determine impact/savings with real-time snapshots of key performance indicators.
  • Relationship Management
    Focused team across sales, service and implementation for all your portfolio needs.
  • EBITDA Driving Impact
    Preferred commercial terms for your portfolios and new business acquisitions.
  • Global Delivery
    Global infrastructure delivered across geographies with NetSuite's local team focus.
  • Carve-out Transactions
    Minimize risk through the entire lifecycle of the transaction with tight TSA requirements with our dedicated team.
  • Business Intelligence
    Real time executive dashboards and insights for both you and the management team.
  • Lower TCO
    Preferred commercial terms for portfolios and new acquisitions. Total Cost of Ownership can be 40-50% less than on-premise solutions.