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Sixred has combined a significant amount of market research with real-world experiences to produce one comprehensive solution. This solution delivers process and system efficiencies that only Sixred and NetSuite can provide.

No matter how many properties you manage or the type, every management company has distinctly different issues, whether on-site or off. Sixred's Property Management offers the flexibility to track, calculate, and assess all the activities that can impact your bottom line.

From marketing available properties to improving tenant relations to managing your company's financials in real-time, take advantage of a solution that automates time-consuming manual tasks, streamlines tenant service requests, and eliminates the need for multiple applications. Gain easy 24/7 on-demand access to the information most important to you from anywhere in the world. Accounting, service management, and extensive business performance analytics and reporting capabilities are delivered in one system to transform how you manage your business.

Solution Sixred Property Management
SuiteFlex Partner Name Sixred, Inc.
Categories Other
Pricing TBD
Web site www.sixred.com/sixred-property-management.html
System Requirements  
Availability General Availability 12/1/2007



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