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Ncompass Business Solutions, LLC

Staffing companies face unique challenges in today's marketplace to include recruiting reliable and trained personnel, scheduling personnel, billing a customer at different rates for different positions within a client organization, and many more. With NetSuite's unique hosted delivery mechanism allowing for anytime anywhere access, and a specific set of customizations designed to accommodate staffing companies, our staffing solution works with you throughout the entire process, including the following:

  • Employee Recruitment and Management. When recruiting talent, the employee record in NetSuite is capturing all the key information from work status, location, skill set, work eligibility, firearms qualification, and much more. An electronic copy of the employee evaluation, application, and interview are maintained on the employee record for future reference. When an employee is due for recertification in a required skill, such as CPR, NetSuite notifies that employee's supervisor well in advance so the necessary plans can be made to maintain a current certification. Key employee information can be sent in a report or used for analysis like searching the employee database for a specific skill set required by a new customer.
  • Employee Scheduling and Customer Billing. A critical function of any staffing company is the scheduling of resources. We offer a solution that will allow you to search for a specific skill set and schedule that employee to work at a client location. You also have the ability to utilize the same employee for multiple duties or posts, e.g. the employee can work 8 hours as a guard at the front gate 12 hours in the front office and 20 hours on the loading dock. With the staffing solution, you will not only be able to schedule the employee for this work, but you will also be able to bill the client the appropriate rate for each post. Invoicing and collections can be performed electronically, further automating your process.


Company Name Ncompass Business Solutions, LLC
Industry/Micro-Vertical Staffing Companies
Solution Name Ncompass Staffing Solution for NetSuite
Pricing Contact Daniel Edwards at dedwards@go-ncompas.com or (866) 848-4353 X 701
Web site www.go-ncompass.com
System Requirements NA
Availability General Availability Q4 2006.
Trial Call for demonstration



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