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Kuspide's QuoteCast — developed after listening to industry leaders — combines aspects unique to the window and door industry with the proven power of NetSuite. Until now, these small and medium size businesses worked with quoting programs provided by various manufacturers. But they're all different. And that's all they do.

Enter Kuspide's QuoteCast bundled with NetSuite.

Using this unique combination, those in the windows and doors industry cut costs, dramatically reduce errors, let management see the entire sales process with a keystroke and keep sales teams selling, not inputting data. The powerful combination of NetSuite and QuoteCast eliminates about 80 percent of the manual data entry, according to customers who are using it daily.


Company Name Kuspide
Industry/Micro-Vertical Windows and Doors
Solution Name QuoteCast
Pricing Starting at $399 per month + Customization Fee
Web site www.kuspide.com/quotecast.htm
System Requirements NA
Availability Today
Trial NA



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