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"NetSuite has allowed us to customize the business processes specific to our shipping materials distribution franchise — all written with SuiteScript and SuiteTalk," said Dale Malone, President of Eco Box. "Our industry solution shows when our trucks are going to deliver the boxes. When a sales order is created, it lets the customers know when the truck will be there. Another example is our 'Box Buy' program, which automatically populates the fields of vendor, price, location and the whole process of buying back used boxes. And now, with SuiteBundler, the great part is that any enhancements we make on our forms with SuiteScript and SuiteTalk are automatically available to our franchisees. We plan to open 250 franchised stores across the U.S. in the next five years, and this is only possible because of NetSuite and SuiteBundler."

Solution Real Time Delivery Schedule
SuiteFlex Partner Name Eco Box
Categories Other / Franchises
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Web site www.ecobox.com
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