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Celigo SmartClient

Most companies using NetSuite use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis to accomplish a variety of tasks that are crucial for running their business. The Celigo Excel SmartClient for NetSuite provides a seamless integration between Excel and NetSuite that allows users to access and manipulate their NetSuite data directly from within Excel.

Are you looking to retrieve customer data from NetSuite into a spreadsheet? Update item pricing into NetSuite from a spreadsheet? Implement an interface for fast, offline entry of sales orders into NetSuite?

These are just some of the solutions that the Celigo SmartClient delivers, so that you can continue to use Excel with one-click access for fully bi-directional synchronization with NetSuite. The SmartClient can be used to implement complex work flows, since you can use Excel to implement the business logic, and the SmartClient for data connectivity with NetSuite.

Some of the realized benefits include:

  • Retrieve Data: Download from NetSuite and insert anywhere within a worksheet
  • Mass Updates: Use standard Excel functionality to make changes to existing data and update in NetSuite with a click of a button
  • Recurring Imports: Create reusable templates to add/update data into NetSuite
  • Data Entry: Efficient and reliable, with robust error handling
  • Offline Access: Work on your data offline using the convenience of Excel, and synch with NetSuite whenever you're ready.

Solution Celigo Excel SmartClient
SuiteFlex Partner Name Celigo, LLC
Categories Data Services
Pricing Available through Celigo
Web site http://www.celigo.com/smartclient.html
System Requirements Microsoft Office 2003 Professional and Microsoft Office 2007
Availability October 2007
Trial To be announced
Contact Jacob Jin at (650) 579-0210 x103, or sales@celigo.com



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