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Celigo Fulfillment

The Celigo Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Integration provides a full integration with any third-party fulfillment center or third-party logistics provider. Powered by the Celigo Integrator, the solution runs entirely within your NetSuite account—in full accord with NetSuite’s one system, no limits philosophy.

Using the Celigo Fulfillment module, the fulfillment of orders can be outsourced to a third party with fully automated bi-directional integration. It integrates with any type of Warehouse Management System (WMS) used by the third-party fulfillment center, supporting any technical specifications or formats--such as flat files, XML files, or web services calls.

  • Export Sales Orders: Orders pending fulfillment are exported from NetSuite and imported into the fulfillment center.
  • Import Shipment Confirmations: As orders are fulfilled in the warehouse, the shipment. confirmations are imported into NetSuite as item fulfillment transactions. Advanced features such as partial fulfillments and multiple packages are handled automatically.

The underlying Celigo Integrator allows complete control over the configuration and mapping of this integration from within your NetSuite account via a SuiteBundle based custom dashboard and control panel.

This module is hosted by Celigo and is available as a subscription. Celigo will monitor this integration to ensure that it runs uninterrupted, including ensuring that it will always be compatible with NetSuite updates. When NetSuite makes an update, the integration will be automatically updated as well (if needed) to fix any problems in a proactive manner. Updates also occur immediately upon discovery of a problem. Additionally, the subscription entitles you to receive the latest version of this module automatically when it becomes available, ensuring that you benefit from new and improved features.

Key Highlights:

  • One central user interface with complete visibility into all aspects of the integration.
  • Ability to change the behavior of the integration through the user interface.
  • Deployed as on-demand or on-premise.
  • Uninterrupted service through a subscription model
  • Enterprise strength and the ability to handle a large number of transactions.

Solution Celigo Fulfillment
SuiteFlex Partner Name Celigo, LLC
Categories Fulfillment
Pricing Available through Celigo. Please call us at (650) 579-0210 x103.
Web site http://www.celigo.com/3PL.html
System Requirements N/A
Availability Now
Trial (URL and details) Please call us at (650) 579-0210 x103



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