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Cast Iron Systems

Cast Iron Systems provides a purpose-built Integration Appliance that enables small and medium-sized companies to complete their NetSuite integration projects within days, for 20% of the cost of software-based alternatives. Tightly integrated with NetSuite via the Web Services interface, the Cast Iron Systems Integration Appliance connects NetSuite with other in-house and on-demand applications using a 'no-code' approach.

Many NetSuite implementations involve the need to rapidly synchronize data — such as leads, accounts, opportunities, sales orders, inventory and financials — with other on-demand, packaged, and custom applications. The Integration Appliance is a simple, purpose-built solution containing everything needed to deliver these integration projects within days. Just as NetSuite has simplified ERP & CRM for SMB enterprises, the Integration Appliance enables these companies deliver their integration projects faster than with traditional software-based solutions.

Here's how the Integration Appliance is able to deliver value quickly:

Fastest Time to Market:

  • No software to install. Up-and-running in minutes!
  • Configuration, not coding

Lowest Costs:

  • No software to license or deploy. Nothing else to buy
  • Used by systems analysts, not middleware experts

Rapid Integration:

  • 100% Standards-based
  • 100% support for the NetSuite APIs
  • Preconfigured NetSuite integration templates
  • Connectors to other ERP, CRM, flat-files, Web Services and all major databases

Simplest Monitoring and Management:

  • Complete visibility into transactions
  • Proactive alerting of data and connectivity errors
  • Monitor from anywhere, anytime

Solution Cast Iron Systems Application Integration Appliance
SuiteFlex Partner Name Application Integration
Categories Application Integration
Pricing Please contact us at 650-230-0658
Web site www.castironsys.com
System Requirements N/A
Availability Current, worldwide
Trial Please contact us at 650-230-0658



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