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  • Australia's fastest growing financial management system for three years running, according to Gartner*, and the only leading solution in the cloud
  • Streamline business processes, improving productivity by up to 20% while cutting financial close times and quote-to-cash cycle times by up to 50%

    Fastest growing

  • Gain anywhere, anytime visibility across your business with real-time dashboards
  • Eliminate IT complexity and lower total cost of ownership by up to 50%
  • Designed to meet and adapt to your company's specific business needs

Over 12,000+ Fast-Growing Organisations Run Their Business Better with NetSuite

"'No one at Atlassian has to maintain NetSuite... and it has allowed us to build a stable and reliable financial platform to support the company through its dramatic growth."


"We wanted to be able to grow the business, but it was taking one full-time person to handle orders—now we can handle all the orders we get, and it's all automatic. All information is held centrally, our business processes are simplified and we've got a smooth path to near-infinite growth."


"We were growing so fast that we needed an integrated solution and NetSuite was the only ERP system in the Australian market that could integrate all the different functions."

—Kitchenware Direct

* Source: Gartner April 2012 Report. Market Share: FMS Solutions. Top 10 FMS.

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