Your wholesale software solution

NetSuite's Wholesale software is Australia's only web-based integrated business suite for wholesale distribution.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor and manage your business in real-time with a customisable business dashboard, featuring built-in best practices for wholesale distribution
  • Convert leads to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue faster with NetSuite's advanced warehouse, inventory management and order fulfilment capabilities
  • Gain an integrated 360-degree view of your customers across CRM, accounting and back-office systems to provide consistent and superior customer service.
  • Grow revenue, enter new markets and improve channel partner collaboration with tools for partner relationship management (PRM)
  • Manage your online business and webstores with NetSuite ecommerce, the industry's first solution to tightly integrate with your accounting, inventory, CRM and core operational systems to deliver a true multi-channel experience.
  • Automated Order Processing

    Smart wholesale distributors recognise the need to link customer orders from call centres or websites all the way through to the customer's doorstep. NetSuite gives you real-time order status, full visibility and tracking across the entire process to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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  • Inventory Management

    Control and manage your key supply chain processes in real-time with NetSuite's powerful inventory management capabilities. Increase operational efficiencies with features such as demand-based stock replenishment, advanced bin and lot management and real-time inventory tracking – resulting in better customer service and reduced costs.

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  • Demand Planning

    NetSuite helps you achieve best-in-class inventory management and ensure that your inventory level meets anticipated demand. NetSuite demand planning capabilities enables you to accurately plan for anticipated sales and close the loop in your supply chain to meet demand.

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  • Shipping Integration and Logistics

    NetSuite's integrated shipping and order fulfilment helps you overcome the challenges of multiple channels, partial ship and drop-shipping requirements, and dynamic order volumes to fulfil orders faster. It integrates with leading shippers to help speed your logistics processes.

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  • Manufacturing Software

    Wholesale distribution businesses that do some assembly or repackaging can streamline manufacturing processes with NetSuite capabilities for product packaging, bin and lot tracking, assembly creation, and pick-pack-and-ship processes to help you run leaner, smarter operations.

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  • Ecommerce for Wholesale Distribution

    Your website is often the first sales catalyst that can make or break your success. NetSuite's ecommerce solution for wholesale distribution gives you everything you need to grow your business faster and more cost effectively. Seamless ecommerce integration with accounting, fulfilment, inventory and more helps deliver a user friendly and streamlined experience to customers and partners.

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  • Financial Management Software

    Boost your cash flow and improve business performance with Australia's #1 solution for on-demand financials. More than 6,600 businesses use NetSuite's financial management software to efficiently manage their accounting needs.

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  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)

    Designed with wholesale distribution businesses in mind, NetSuite sales force automation empowers your sales teams with accurate, real-time information and helps you to meet the needs of demanding customers through efficient inventory, forecasting and fulfilment processes.

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