Ecommerce Platform

Customise and Extend Your Ecommerce Solution

The NetSuite Ecommerce Platform enables you to customise your software solution, extend it to improve your customers' experience, and adapt to the forces shaping ecommerce. You can seamlessly integrate almost any ecommerce product into NetSuite.

Thousands of independent developers have built applications for the NetSuite platform, giving ecommerce businesses the tools they need to enhance their value proposition and differentiate themselves. With the NetSuite Ecommerce Platform, you can also customise NetSuite to apply your own business logic, workflows and user interfaces to meet the unique needs of your business and your customers.


  • Drive additional revenue opportunities by extending your website functionality with best-of-breed applications
  • Increase productivity by automating your workflows with NetSuite's simple point-and-click user interface
  • Serve your customers better by customising NetSuite to meet your unique business needs—adding fields, records and database tables to your system
  • Adapt to the rapidly changing ecommerce environment by applying business logic to automate different actions based on specific circumstances.

Key Features

  • SuiteCloud—The Ultimate Business Cloud Platform

    • The NetSuite SuiteCloud platform gives companies the ability to run their core business operations in the cloud, while allowing them the flexibility to integrate independent software applications and design their ideal ecommerce business.
  • SuiteFlow

    • Customise your workflows with NetSuite's SuiteFlow—a point-and-click user interface that allows you to easily create rules-based workflows that automate, streamline and improve common business processes.
  • SuiteScript

    • Use simple scripts to apply business logic, or to build entirely new applications within NetSuite.
  • Customisation

    • You can create any number of custom fields, custom forms and custom records—with a simple point-and-click interface
    • Create your own database tables, capture any data, associate it to your existing data, and then report on all of it.

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